Class of 1997

I graduated from South Kitsap High School 20 years ago this Summer. Good God, Lemon... Our reunion was Saturday. I did not attend because the Emerald City/ReedPop annual camp out was over the weekend. I don't regret my choice, but I did not simply blow off the idea of going to the reunion. I would have gone if the camp out was on a different weekend...and the MST3K Live Seattle performance was another night...the reunion would have been my third choice. I know that this makes it sound like I have a busy social life, but I can honestly say that this was just a freak circumstance. There is an active Facebook page for our class full of conversation topics, photos, and people expressing their ap

Apron of Blue My Blue Apron Review

Wanna hear a First World Problem? Blue Apron is yummy, but the complete opposite of "convenient" We subscribed to Blue Apron a few months ago. Lots of folks spoke of the deliciousness and convenience of the service, so we decided to give it a shot. Now, I don't care about "convenience" other than not having to go to the store. I hate impulse buying and magazine covers and pushy sales teams and people on a Sunday who block every aisle with their long-ass decision-making deficiencies manifesting under the banner of "DO I GET THE BRANDED SUGAR-COATED SHIT OR THE BAGGED/GENERIC SUGAR-COATED SHIT?" I know that BA defines "convenience" as far as cooking time and delivery is concerned, but I have f

Fallout 4 rant - A Letter To Preston

Dear Preston, I know that you're upset. I mean, how could you not be? I did so much for you and one mistake erased the entire board. There I was - awakened from cryogenic sleep after my partner was shot in the face and my baby kidnapped - to find the world that I loved absolutely shit-canned by nuclear war. 260 years into the future, Preston. And I stumble upon you and your tiny, grumpy group. I somehow manage to pick up a gun and defend you and your kin. I picked up a gun and KILLED for you. I lead you out of Concord and back to what was left of my home - Sanctuary Hills. The houses have no doors or windows, the water is undrinkable, but my robot butler is doing his damnedest to keep the pr

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