What I Got

I'm in denial about my depression. There are days when I don't want to get up. Or brush my teeth. Or get dressed. And there is absolutely no logical reason for me to be feeling like that. We all say that "depression LIES" and it totally does. Depression makes me think: "Why bother getting dressed? No one is going to invite you anywhere." "Why bother cleaning anything. It's just going to get dirty and cleaning your house is not going to make everything better" "Why bother reading? You read too slow." What the fuck does that even...I mean..."You read too slow" should keep you from reading a book?! And my brain instantly answers with a calm "Yes, because depression is lying to you...but also yo

15 Years Old...Or Young...

At 15, I was a sophomore in high school. My baby teeth hadn't totally fallen out so my upper lip would get caught on my teeth when I smiled. I was excited for high school. I was making delightfully weird friends in theater class...like this really tall, barrel-chested, blonde guy named Chris McDowell... Being 15 wasn't hard for me. Sure, there were growing pains and some hard lessons...but I had a blast! Rooster Teeth being 15 has got to be hard. This teenager has to please so many people. This teenager marches to the beat of its own drum...and its drum is a drum set that has so many percussion instruments. Baby...puberty is ROUGH, but you make it look gooooood 15 years of innovating the ide

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