It's insane out there

Anyone feeling existential dread on a more exponential level lately? I didn't really want to write about this. I didn't really want to dramatically throw my hat into the "This is how current world events are affecting my life" conversation. I didn't want my minor problems to be set next to the life altering problems other folks are dealing with. But since we are all in mourning and this is a safe place to express ones it comes. Here's the stuff that I am thankful for and a big ol' privilege check: Chris and I are fine. He is doing the whole work from home thing. His company is going to come out of this pretty much okay. Financially, we are safe. Other than a handful of c

It's Wednesday, Lemon

Just trying to update everything and stay on top of all of my "wants" and personal needs. I added a few posts to my actual web page that I worked SO HARD ON and then neglected. Basically, just copy-pasted some stuff from here! I added my instagram feed on that hot mess, too. RTX stuff is going alright. Pretty much on schedule with every other year on my chore list even with the event postponement. Speaking of: If we stay on this track, September is gonna be stupid busy for me. If everything opens back up, I am going to Disneyland right after LightBox Expo like I did last year. Because I need it. "Need" is a strong fucking word and I have a strong fucking need. Also, the new dates for RTX me

Repost from April 1 - Happy 17th, Rooster Teeth

Did you know that Rooster Teeth is almost old enough to be an RTX Guardian? I have been on this site for 10 years. I didn't last that long with Livejournal and that bitch knew ALL of my secrets. Being involved in the Rooster Teeth Community is the longest relationship I have had outside of my marriage. It is the longest quasi-professional relationship I have ever had with any company. I love the Rooster Teeth Community as much I love Disneyland, you all. That is a lot of love. I'm not going into how I discovered Rooster Teeth because it will involve archaic terms like "dial-up internet" and "All your base are belong to us". That's a retelling for another time. What I do want to say is th

Are you bored? I gotchu, fam.

THINGS TO DO DURING QUARANTINE/LOCKDOWN This took me longer than it should have to put together <3 Are you struggling to find things to do to keep you entertained and reduce the stress of current events? Here is a list of things you can do - whether you live alone, with other people, or have kids! Full Disclosure: This is a starter list meant to be added on to by the community! My knowledge and experience on this entire current world situation is pretty minimal. I am able-bodied and financially sound, so I tried to gather activities that can be cheap as free to do BUT there is a high chance that I will accidentally leave out alternatives! PLEASE add to this list with any links, ideas

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