It's been rough - This a big ass rant

I've tried to avoid typing up blog posts about the current world situation. If you follow me on Twitter, I do post little quips about how tremendously terrible things are and how poorly I'm handling my own struggles. It gets harder and harder to cope. It's difficult to care about things like getting good sleep and positive activities and even the activities that used to being me so much joy like chatting online. My days are spent doom scrolling and then rage closing Twitter. I mod chats for Rooster Teeth, but it doesn't feel like "hey, we're all chatting and having a blast" since the world went into pandemic mode. It's "Hey. Watch out for virus deniers, racists, and folks who wanna dunk on t

Community Roh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oad...

I've been watching Community for the first time. And I have a ton of thoughts, but that will be for a later post. Or posts. I have a lot to say about this freaking show. Now, Chevy Chase is a difficult and problematic kind of dude. Short part of a long rant: He is great in Community because he's playing an elderly Clark Griswald. If Clark Griswald's infidelity caught up to him, forced a divorce from Helen (she deserved better anyway), smoked crack with Cousin Eddie, and turned to a cult for love because he was so god damn irresponsible and selfish to own up to his shit - that's Pierce Hawthorn. But because I keep thinking of National Lampoon, the Vacation movies are now living rent free at t

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