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Fallout 4 rant - A Letter To Preston

Dear Preston,

I know that you're upset. I mean, how could you not be? I did so much for you and one mistake erased the entire board. There I was - awakened from cryogenic sleep after my partner was shot in the face and my baby kidnapped - to find the world that I loved absolutely shit-canned by nuclear war. 260 years into the future, Preston. And I stumble upon you and your tiny, grumpy group. I somehow manage to pick up a gun and defend you and your kin.

I picked up a gun and KILLED for you.

I lead you out of Concord and back to what was left of my home - Sanctuary Hills. The houses have no doors or windows, the water is undrinkable, but my robot butler is doing his damnedest to keep the property up to HOA standards.

I gave you my house, Preston. I planted crops. I crafted beds and buildings and lamp posts out of tin cans. I built power generators and water filtration systems. I used whatever scrap I could find to make you and your friends home. I even dropped my quest to find my husband's killer and my kidnapped son so I could help you, Preston Garvey, build an army of good intentions. You made me your reluctant Commander and passive aggressively reminded me that I was in charge after every assignment you gave me.

I picked up more powerful guns. I killed more people and animals and monsters for YOU. I've only been awake in this world for a couple of days, but here I am fighting mutant creatures of every species so I might make a scrap of land livable. I used all of the loot to craft more amenities for YOU. I settled properties and housed more people of the Commonwealth for YOU.

And then I heard about Nuka World. I went there, Preston. I went to Nuka World and it was crawling with raiders. These gangs were ones you haven't even heard of. One gang was dripping with more blood lust than all of the super mutant camps combined that I laid to waste. I won their trust, Preston. I got them on my side. They worked for me, much like I did for you. I gathered all of their resources and built more homes for YOU. They made me their Queen, Preston. They made me their Queen...and then I killed them all. I killed them all to release their slaves - yes, Preston! These raider gangs had SLAVES - and made Nuka World a gigantic settlement and safe trading haven for the people of the Commonwealth. There is a bounty on my head and the killers who were faithful to any of those gangs see my existence as a shiny, neon target. My Minutemen army sees nothing but potential farms and they turn tail the moment they hear the roar of a deathclaw.

So I stand my ground and kill more...for YOU and the Minutemen and the hope for a safer Commonwealth...a Commonwealth where my husband's killer and my kidnapped son might still be alive...

But you, Preston, are pissed at me. You're pissed that I betrayed our "friendship" because I had the raiders eating out of my hand. You stopped me in Sanctuary Hills and shouted at me, surrounded in the decaying remains of my old life, about how dare I and my actions in Nuka World were unforgivable because I was friendly with raiders...

Well, Preston...I built your army. I built your settlements. I fed your people. I killed for you. But all you can do is shout "Betrayal!! We are no longer friends!!" but still promise to take orders from me because I am your Commander? Then how about this order, Preston Garvey?

Get the fuck out of my house.

*Hancock drops a mic. Finger guns from Nick Valentine. Piper takes off her clothes for a victory lap. Deacon makes it rain caps. Dogmeat pees on Preston's shoes*

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