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I have started to really enjoy livestreaming and I believe that it's because I have found a really terrific place to do it: Mixer

Twitch is great. It is a monster popularity machine with millions of viewers and some of the most entertaining livestreamers around. Many of my friends are streaming on Twitch...some are affiliates! AND I LOVE THAT! I like Twitch, but I have come to not like streaming on it. Because Twitch is so big, I feel this weird sense of pressure when I stream with less viewers than I have fingers. It's an anxiety...a feeling of "I'm taking up space on a site that could be better used for the money-makers or the people who pull in views". That's ridiculous, but it's how I feel anytime I start a Twitch stream. I have been trolled like crazy over there, too. I've banned more people on my 3 year old Twitch channel than I have on my 9 year old Twitter account. Crazy.

At PAX West 2017, I was introduced to something new (to me). I followed Jackie to the Mixer booth. She talked with some people she knew while I took in the atmosphere of the booth. At one point, you could get your hands on the Mixer Pinny Arcade pin if you signed up. I like pins...totally sign me up! As I signed up for the service, I asked what Mixer was all about. I got a hell of an education -

Rather than type it all here - Mixer: The Platform

Mixer is smaller. Mixer is welcoming and growing. Mixer has co-streaming options and interactive capabilities that Twitch lacks. You receive incentive for watching in the form of "sparks" that you can use towards entertaining activities. I feel less pressure to be be a company definition of "successful". I can be a casual streamer and be proud of it! Every "watch" and "follow" is a true thrill on Mixer.

Head on over and give my channel a look.

I'm streaming during the day on Wednesdays and Fridays for now. I might pop in on other days, but those 2 days a week for sure!

I think that I found a new online home :)

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