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15 Years Old...Or Young...

At 15, I was a sophomore in high school.

My baby teeth hadn't totally fallen out so my upper lip would get caught on my teeth when I smiled. I was excited for high school. I was making delightfully weird friends in theater this really tall, barrel-chested, blonde guy named Chris McDowell...

Being 15 wasn't hard for me. Sure, there were growing pains and some hard lessons...but I had a blast!

Rooster Teeth being 15 has got to be hard.

This teenager has to please so many people.

This teenager marches to the beat of its own drum...and its drum is a drum set that has so many percussion instruments.

Baby...puberty is ROUGH, but you make it look gooooood

15 years of innovating the idea of online content before YouTube was even a thing.

15 years of community building

15 years of some ground breaking hits (Red vs Blue, RWBY, Achievement Hunter) and a few misses (Nature Town, y'all)

15 years of a brand of wackiness that rarely feels forced and oddly relatable

15 years of Austin Texas love

And in between grew moments of pure joy - Lazer Team funding, every single RTX, Extra Life

Growth - millions of fans, 300+ employees, stubborn community members who won't leave the site regardless of the structural integrity of the website ;)

Support - supporting LGBTQ community, raising money for childrens' hospitals, the comfort of Always Open throwing taboo out the window. And although it was never the goal, RT has become positive role models for some.

I love you, Rooster Teeth. You amaze comfort frustrate trust me...

My life without you would be the kind of different that I don't want to think about. The RT Community is my extended family. You all have changed my life for the better. The responsibility given to me as Head Guardian is a something I take very's very precious to me...the company & the community trusts me with this role and I work very hard to go the extra mile to empower my teams and make RTX the experience of a lifetime for everyone. Thank you for allowing me to have this experience. Thank you for not getting sick of me.

Happy Birthday, Rooster Teeth.

No, you're not "just getting started". You are solidly here in the now and will never go away.

Thank you so much, Rooster Teeth. You're a good kid.

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