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RTX 2018

It's been a week since we closed the doors on RTX 2018.

I can say that not only was this the smoothest RTX ever, but it was also the smoothest show I have EVER worked.

I wanna gush for pages, but I'm exhausted IN THE BEST WAY.

Thank you all for making RTX so terrific. The Guardians who worked their asses off and showed the world how powerful and wonderful they are - the attendees who emit the essence of convention positivity- the content creators coming together to bring substance to the show - the RT Events team and the other planners and check-signers for RTX - Mixer for streaming the action and those of you who watched from home. I'm forgetting departments/teams, but know that my heart is full of love and appreciation for you all.

EVERYONE who has their hands in RTX made this all happen. THANK YOU

Thank you to @sirNARVY and @mrarcys for being my rocks, our logic center, and the weird levity in between serious discussions about bullshit.

I love this show more than I can explain. RTX is the most important event in my world. I'm so happy that this year was stellar. I walked out of the ACC upright, proud, and almost ready to do it all over again the next day.

I felt the very same pride, community love, and appreciating that I did walking out of RTX 2011.

Thank you all for the BEST RTX EVER...


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