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Repost from April 1 - Happy 17th, Rooster Teeth

Did you know that Rooster Teeth is almost old enough to be an RTX Guardian? I have been on this site for 10 years. I didn't last that long with Livejournal and that bitch knew ALL of my secrets. Being involved in the Rooster Teeth Community is the longest relationship I have had outside of my marriage. It is the longest quasi-professional relationship I have ever had with any company. I love the Rooster Teeth Community as much I love Disneyland, you all. That is a lot of love. I'm not going into how I discovered Rooster Teeth because it will involve archaic terms like "dial-up internet" and "All your base are belong to us". That's a retelling for another time. What I do want to say is that in 17 years, Rooster Teeth has put out enough quality content to influence multiple generations. At family gatherings, I am swamped by relatives between the ages of 18 and 70 who want to tell me how much they enjoy RT or that they want to get involved with RT. Rooster Teeth is unique. The content is bizarre and wonderful and oddly relatable no matter how old you are. Entire hearts and souls are put into the company's content. There are some extremely passionate employees at RT that not only care about the quality of their work, but also the welfare of the RT Community. The behind-the-scenes of RT are so focused, serious, and empathizing. And even when it is quiet in those offices, there is still a buzz of energy in the air. Yes. YES. Things get weird. Bad decisions are made or some content has flopped or shit goes wrong. Hearts has been broken. We've seen death, birth, rage quits, and silent exits. Rooster Teeth may be pushing two decades, but it still has its growing pains. It went from forming in an apartment bedroom into desperately looking for enough office space to accommodate their ever growing needs. Going from friends working on weird shit into "Oh my god, we need a legal team? And accountants?" in just a handful of years is enough to give anyone whiplash. And being a subsidiary of a multinational legacy company is something I don't think any of us saw coming. Like, RT is the adopted great great grandkids of the Animaniacs at this point! It's been exciting. A real roller coaster. It's been a thrill, it's been fun, it's been fucking terrifying, and sometimes it made me super motion sick. I've yelled at them, cursed their names to the sky, and have even had taken opportunities to be critical in the appropriate fashion. I've even said "NO" to RT. Rooster Teeth is my favorite sports team. I will pretty much always cheer them on. I have met life long friends here on RT. I have worked alongside some truly inspiring people. I have learned a lot about myself. I have become a better person because of RT both professionally and spiritually. It's almost difficult to believe that some of you were infants when Red vs Blue first hit the internet. It's nuts to think that some of you grew up on this content in the same way I grew up on Saturday morning cartoons and the premiere of cultural media royalty such as The Disney Channel and MTV. It's down right bizarre that Rooster Teeth has been around longer than Youtube. It's surprising that RT has the kind of exponential growth that other companies would kill for. It's mind boggling that RTX will be 10 years old this year! What started in a beer tent with 600 people has gown into 3+ day multi-media party that has been graced by the presence of Bare Naked Ladies, Elijah Wood, and Andy Serkis. It's a comfort to know that RT is still here and such a dynamic part of my life. Happy Birthday, Rooster Teeth. Have some socially distant cake to celebrate <3

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