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It's Wednesday, Lemon

Just trying to update everything and stay on top of all of my "wants" and personal needs.

I added a few posts to my actual web page that I worked SO HARD ON and then neglected. Basically, just copy-pasted some stuff from here! I added my instagram feed on that hot mess, too.

RTX stuff is going alright. Pretty much on schedule with every other year on my chore list even with the event postponement.

Speaking of: If we stay on this track, September is gonna be stupid busy for me. If everything opens back up, I am going to Disneyland right after LightBox Expo like I did last year. Because I need it.

"Need" is a strong fucking word and I have a strong fucking need.

Also, the new dates for RTX means that @sirnarvy and I will be closing this show a day before our 12th wedding anniversary! Woo-hoo! ❤️ I expect high-fives!

We're hangin' in here at the McDowell townhome. Chris is working from home. The whole company is, of course. It's not easy to have work and sanctuary be in the same damn room, but we are grateful. I'm doing all that I can to stay entertained and realistically positive. Video games, legal vices, and perler art have kept my mind from dwelling to the darker corners of "What fresh Hell we gonna see/hear/smell/taste/experience today?"

Fallout 76: Wastelanders has GREATLY improved the game. 76 is still about as buggy as Oogie Boogie, but it's playable and a little more stable than it was weeks ago. Wastelanders gives the player a reason to care about the world. A reason to fight for it. When you leave the vault, it's not disappointment and dead humans around every corner. NPCs spice things up. More quests to keep you interested rather than just dailies. Life is back in Appalachia and this feels more like a Fallout game to me. It's not perfect, but I love Fallout 76.

Minecraft has been that wonderful and calm activity that really helps me relax. The RTX Guardians have a private server working that Sky Factory hotness. That mod is super fun but CERTIFIABLY NUTS, by the way. I also spend a lot of time in the ImagneeringFun Disneyland Minecraft server. This server is open to the public and is a real flipping joy for Disneyland enthusiasts. Using texture packs and super imagination, the folks who run this server built something truly special. Many of the park attractions and rides can be experienced! You earn coins and pins to trade in for vanity items. If that's not your thing, just ride the rides and see the sights of this gorgeous and well thought out virtual Minecraft Disneyland. It's practically brick for brick perfection. Most of the park is operational, but it is still a work in progress. If you need your Disneyland fix - like I do. Every damn day. - The server is rated G - no swearing and so on. If you check it out, let them know that I sent ya! Minecraft 1.12.2 IP: If you want a preview of this amazing server, be sure to check out some of the youtube videos:

I am on the RT Community site more often now hat I am an Admin and a Chat Mod. I have enjoyed getting to know new RT Community folk. Hello, there! My door is always open if you need anything.

Hey. Much love to you all in this weird and difficult time.

Be excellent to each other. Hydrate. Nolite te bastardes carborundorum

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