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*elbow bump*

Our car battery died. Why is this journal worthy? You don't even drive, Mary! Because Chris is working from home (we're on day number 100+) and we only go out once a week for a grocery pickup, the car is having a bit of a temper tantrum. Even if we don't plan on heading out, we start it up to give it some love. Like flushing the toilet every so often in the guest bathroom's just not getting used like it used to. Chris lets our local friends know on our Slack channel...and our friends began to argue over who was going to come over and jump the battery first! I was hoping that they'd all show up with a kiddy pool full of mud or Jello and fight for the honor. I would have sold tickets. I lost my only paying gig this year, so I was thinking about lucrative FRIEND FIGHT 2020 could be. Our friend Phoenix won the argument online and rang our doorbell. I didn't recognize him at first because he was wearing gloves and mask. I thought for a half second "What the fuck. Why is some dude ringing my shit" My muscle memory kicked in and I almost hugged him. We both stopped, awkwardly. I said "I WANNA HUG YOU SO FUCKING BAD, BRO". So instead we did the PAX handshake...which is just an elbow bump. Phoenix, Chris, and I got to catch up and person...6 feet away from each other. It was better than Slack and Discord and Zoom and DnD Beyond. It was in person. With the exception of my dentist, this is the only physical human contact I have had outside of Chris SINCE FEBRUARY So, please. I beg you all. Wear a mask. Just do it. Wear it so we can help this kick this virus and I can hug my friends and see my family again. Our car battery is still dead, by the way. The jump didn't work. But I got to see my friend and that was nice.

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