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It's August already...

I do not have a lot of personal news lately. It's all gloom, doom, and missing the company of family and friends. I'm trying not to pour POOR ME all over my keyboard when there is a lot of serious shit going on. My problems are big to me, but are either a direct affect of current world events or something that is not worth draining other people's energy over. That's not a "No one will care or likes meeeeee" kind of thing. It really is a STAY FOCUSED type of reason. So, how do I keep myself from falling into a steaming pile of WOE IS ME? - I'm still love/hate playing Fallout 76. The Legendary Run event has been a lot of fun! It makes me enjoy doing dailies! -Animal Crossing is so calming and makes me want to get rid of a bunch of my real life clutter. - Planning for a Disneyland trip in February knowing full well that it might not happen BUT I love planning for that shit anyways. Speaking of DISNEYLAND -

(Sorry for the lazing linking) I am on a PODCAST! Ricky messaged me one day and said 'LET'S DO THIS THING!" and I said "YES! LET'S DO THIS THING!" and then we were all like "We need to get TK on this because he loves Disney parks, too!" AND WE DID IT. Join Ricky, TK, and I as we just positively gush about how much we love the Disney Parks. This is not a "Let's get hyper critical of the company and its decisions". There are plenty of accounts and podcasts and vloggers who cover those issues in towering detail. We are taking a more innocently passionate approach. Just a bunch of friends talking about how much we like stuff. Fluffy fun ramblings! You can listen to us on a variety of podcast sites: and we have a Twitter account: I am working on an Instagram account so we can post all of our photos. It's like having to sit through your relatives' vacation slides except we are better than family! I hope that you give us a listen! We try to keep it occasional swear word or four will come out, but we don't go overboard. -Minecraft is still a wonderful game of violent creativity. The RTX Guardians have a private server full of shenanigans. SECRET shenanigans. But SINCE I STARTED TALKING ABOUT DISNEYLAND there is a Minecraft server that is open to all and that is *drumroll* The Imagineering Fun Disneyland Minecraft server. Brick-for-brick Disneyland and California Adventure built to scale in Minecraft! Ride on the many recreated attractions, collect ingame souvenirs, and explore the park in a unique way! Minecraft Java 1.12.2 and server address is mc. imagineeringfun. net (no spaces) More information can be found on their YouTube page! - The server is rated G and they are very strict about that. It's swearing or being a jerk ;) Tell them SailorTweek sent ya! -And is making me super happy. The last time I was in the park, my ears were full of these tracks and the soothing tones of hanging with Chris and Dan. Ah, better times and I hope we can get back to that soon... Hopefully you all are doing alright. We're all trying to LIVE and not just exist in these weird times. If you are protesting, stay safe and vigilant and educated. I hope that you are all still wearing your masks and washing your hands. Be nice to each other. Much love <3

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