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Community Roh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oad...

I've been watching Community for the first time.

And I have a ton of thoughts, but that will be for a later post.

Or posts.

I have a lot to say about this freaking show.

Now, Chevy Chase is a difficult and problematic kind of dude. Short part of a long rant: He is great in Community because he's playing an elderly Clark Griswald.

If Clark Griswald's infidelity caught up to him, forced a divorce from Helen (she deserved better anyway), smoked crack with Cousin Eddie, and turned to a cult for love because he was so god damn irresponsible and selfish to own up to his shit - that's Pierce Hawthorn.

But because I keep thinking of National Lampoon, the Vacation movies are now living rent free at the front of my brain. The most catchy of all Vacation moments for me is 75% of Christmas Vacation and the straight up jam that is "Holiday Road" - the theme for National Lampoon's Vacation.

Please enjoy the most soulless, charisma-less music video for the "Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time" of Summer songs:

Damn you, Lindsey Buckingham. This song is a bop but this video is butt clenching-ly cringe.

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