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To The Moon - Playlist for a middle-aged stoner baby

Before I start, I guess that it's proper to warn readers ahead of time about the inspiration for this post.

It is legal in the state of Washington to consume cannabis products. I absolutely enjoy cannabis both recreationally and in therapy. It has helped me stop drinking alcohol, has kept me on a better hydration path, and has really honest-to-goodness helped me with my focus. I am not a scientist or a medical professional. It's something that works for me on so many levels and I am grateful that I have access to it. If you are "under age", you know what you are about. I won't type out a 12 page paper recounting the cult-like D.A.R.E. pamphlet about "drugs are bad" or the dangers of addiction. All I ask is that you be a responsible human being. Don't do illegal things. Do all things in moderation. Be safe. Stay informed. Do your research.

It's so weird that I feel the need to say that. No one says that when they brag about drinking 3 bottles of wine at brunch, but society is really lopsided.

Anyhoo, let's get into the meat of this post!

I have a stoned playlist on Spotify.

I titled it TO THE MOON and it is all music that I really enjoy while settling into a high. You can tell what song reflects indica, sativa, and a blend for sure.

And yes...there's a Pink Floyd song in there. Hush.

Some of these songs are kinda sad, but the music feels wonderfully dreamy and that is really the point of the list. Some of the songs are optimistic, some are on here for pure nostalgia, some are creepy, and some are so full of energy that they might just yank you out of being stoned. I find this list to be versatile and I'm totally listening to it now as I type this! Sober!

I'm no music expert. According to experts, I lack any sort of refined palate. There are a lot of genres that I have yet to truly give a chance. Sometimes, you just have to go with what you know.

And 2 of these songs was played my wedding!

Some tracks were added recently in an effort to combine a couple of incomplete lists.

To The Moon -

The big question: Why am I sharing this playlist? Why not a playlist created for artistic endeavors or exercise or road trips or something not drug related?

1 - I like to share things that I enjoy. I like this playlist!

2 - As someone fast approaching middle age who didn't try cannabis until it was legal, I am coming to terms with how much I enjoy it and this is a personal effort to break that weird stigma revolving around (scary font) DRUGS (/scary font)

3 - I really wanted to write about something that wouldn't make me cry. As mentioned before, I've been so thankful for therapy and blogging (whether it be for this page or just for my own private journal) has been a huge part of my process.

So tell me, dear reader: Do you have a cannabis playlist? Do you have a playlist that you'd like to share that doesn't involve social deviance? Is there a song that you heard recently that makes you feel terrific?

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